MAIN GOAL OF THIS SERIES:  Fun, Entertainment + Enticement

In this class our sole goal is to make people have a good time, entertain them for the evening and leave them with a feeling of accomplishment so that hopefully they will be excited to sign up for a full beginner series and keep dancing.   These classes will be taught every week from the perspective that not a single person in the room has ever danced in their entire life.   Teachers need to be aware of the fact that they are the first representation of swing dancing to this group of people and that they have the great responsibility to get people excited and be the best ambassadors of swing dancing as they can be because you in a way decide if these people are excited enough to come back again.  No pressure 😉


This will be a drop-in class dedicated to giving first time students a few fundamental swing movements and concepts to get them moving around the floor each week.

Each week the class will repeat a main body of basic concepts, then explore a few movements that will change from week to week.

Students will be required to take this class for a minimum of two weeks before progressing to the core classes.


This is the main body of the class which will be the same every week.   Keep it light and fun, you don’t need to dive into tons of technique here, brief snippets will suffice, just get people moving around and having fun.  Make sure to include plenty of practice time to music and keep explanations short.

• Pulse (just get everyone moving around to some music)
• Basic 6-Count Footwork

– Teach just rock steps and triple steps separately, then combine them

• How to ask someone to dance

– This can be worked into the partnering up process

• Basic 6-Count Footwork with a partner

Very quick overview of how to stand and partner up

• Teach students how to rotate partners
• Moving around the floor with the basic footwork

– Inject a quick note about basic floorcraft here.

• The “Send-Out” into “Open Position”
• “Open Position” basic
• Float Back Together to “Closed”


After teaching the main body of the class each week, the second half of the class will focus on teaching two specific movements each week*.  If you need a refresher on what a moves looks like, or are possibly unfamiliar with the name we are using, simply ask one of the senior instructors or click the title of the move to see a short video demonstration.

• Week One: Underarm Pass (Turn To Closed)

• Week Two: Underarm Turn To Open (No Hands Pass)

• Week Three: Basic Side-By-Side Forward & Back (Hup Ho Stomp)

• Week Four: Underarm Pass (Change Hands Pass)

• Week Five: No Hands Pass (Turn To Closed

*Teachers should never feel pressured to get through everything each week, if you can only make it through one of the moves, Great!  Put your students first and your syllabus second. 🙂


Need a few good songs to use for your fundamentals class?  Here are a few of our go-to selections:

(coming soon)