Kadie Pangburn

Favorite Song To Dance To:

Comes Love by Jack Teagarden!

All Time Favorite Swing Musician:

Artie Shaw – I could listen to that man play all day!

Favorite Jazz Move:

Apple Jacks – ever since I first learned them they have always made me giddy happy every time I do them.

Favorite Style of Swing Dancing:


Favorite Place You’ve Gotten To Dance:

My husband and I took a trip to New Orleans a few years ago and got to dance to some of the best live jazz I’ve ever heard in the tiniest bars you’ve ever seen and it was hands down my favorite place I’ve ever been dancing.

Who is your swing dancing inspiration and why?:

Ohhh… another tough one… historically I’m going to say Jean Veloz because she has this beautiful way of dancing that is so elegant and feminine but in such a powerful commanding way.  I’ve always loved it.  As far as modern dancers go, I’m going to say Laura Keat because she is not only a master of so many styles of swing dancing, but she also has a strong voice and personality as a dancer that love watching every chance I get.

Why do you love swing dancing so much?:

To me swing dancing gives me the opportunity in life to connect with other human beings in way that is intrinsically unique.  For the span of a song my partner and I get to be one person creating a moment between us and music, it’s one the  most beautiful human experiences I’ve ever had.  I also love the community that surrounds swing dancing, the people are always warm and welcoming to anyone, from every walk of life, and you can travel the world and immediately have friends with a common bond.  It really is a magical thing.