Bethany Minshew

Favorite Song To Dance To:

It’s Love by Christabel

All Time Favorite Swing Musician:

I’ve never really given my favorite swing musician much thought. I tend to like most music played at swing events. However, if I must pick, I choose Billie Holiday.

Favorite Jazz Move:

The Mess Around

Favorite Style of Swing Dancing:

It is a close tie between Blues and Balboa

Favorite Place You’ve Gotten To Dance:


Who is your swing dancing inspiration and why?:

While there are so many amazing dancers, I think that the dancers that inspire me the most are the ones that dance without a care in the world. It inspires me to see people dance in such a way that the love of dance pours out from every fiber of there being. I love that you can see this type of dancer at any level of dancing.

Why do you love swing dancing so much?:

Swing Dancing, how I love Thee; let me count the ways. First off it brings so many different kinds of people together. No matter what age, background, gender, etc. swing dancing just draws people. I love that it has been a means for me to meet people and gain friendships that I would not have been blessed with otherwise. Secondly, it is a stress reliever with great music. Then thirdly, swing dancing just makes me happy!