Amanda Demmel

Favorite Song To Dance To:

Right now it’s a tie between A Tisket A Tasket by Ella Fitzgerald and Best Kind of Friend by Christabel And The Jons, but it’s probably going to be something different in a month.

All Time Favorite Swing Musician:

I really like Cab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald.

Favorite Jazz Move:

Camel walks. I’m so close to getting them right…

Favorite Style of Swing Dancing:

Balboa has just barely overtaken blues as my favorite style.

Favorite Place You’ve Gotten To Dance:

Chicago, IL

Who is your swing dancing inspiration and why?:

Campbell Miller. Go watch her dance, the fluidity and quality of her movement is insane.

Why do you love swing dancing so much?:

An awesome dance to amazing music with fantastic people, what isn’t there to love? One of the reasons I really like this dance is there is so much freedom and room to explore and create your own style.