We’ve designed our classes at TNS to keep costs as low as possible so that we can make all our classes as affordable as possible for our students.  Every month we offer 2-3 month long class series and a beginner friendly fundamentals drop in class.  Pricing includes an hour long lesson and an hour and a half of social dancing afterwards to some of the best swing DJs in town.

Your First Class!

Only $5!

Full Month Long Class Series

General: $30 ($40 during a 5 week month)

High School & College Students: $20 ($25 during a 5 week month)

TNS students who have already registered for a full month long Core series also have the option to add the exploring series that month on as well for half the price.  ($15 General, $10 Student)

A La Carte Classes

While purchasing a full month long series is recommended, TNS students also have the option to pay a la carte for classes one week at a time as well.  However, please be aware, due to the progressive nature of the material being taught each week during these series, that if a student misses more than one or two classes in a series, readmission back into that same series will be up to the discretion of the instructor.

General: $10

Student: $5

Dance Only