February Classes At TNS

We’re back for another great month of dancing at TNS!  February brings us two great new series of lessons taught by some of our best instructors.  It also kicks off our very first advanced lesson series!

Along with great new lessons, February brings us another big change at TNS.  For a whole year our amazing instructors have donated their precious time and energy and shared their knowledge each week for very little in return, and we want to change that.  We want to be able to give back to them in return and show them how much we value the time and knowledge they so willingly share.  That’s why we are raising our lesson prices.  Starting in February, lessons will be $10 for general admission. Best of all if you pay for the whole month series up front, you’ll get $10 off!  Don’t worry students, it’s still only $5 for you!  This small price increase will let us pay our instructors more and also let us give back to you by making scholarships to dance events available as well as host more workshops here in town!  Last month we gave away two passes to My Lindy Kraze and this month we are giving away two passes to the Dean and Jewel Workshop in Nashville. We are so excited for this change and for all the opportunities it will open up for the dance community this year, thank you so much for making TNS possible each week with your support and love!  See you on the dance floor!

8-Count Swing

Whether you’ve just mastered our 6 count swing class series, or you’re just learning to swing dance for the first time, this class will guide you step by step through all the basic movements of 8 count swing!

We’ll cover our basic 8 count footwork, review partnership techniques and learn moves like the swing-out and the lindy circle, as well as how to combine 6 count and 8 count moves in our social dancing!

-Taught By Kadie Pangburn & Paul Fryer


Intermediate Lindy Hop 

Grab Bag Edition

Sometimes, teachers have an amazing set of things they want to share with their students that  really have nothing in common with each other; except that they are awesome.

Welcome to the grab bag classes.

Grab bag classes are going to be inspired by the instructor and whatever they are super excited to share with you that week.  This means two things; you probably don’t want to miss a week because who knows what they could have up their sleeve to teach you, and be prepared for anything!  This class will keep you on your dancing toes and grow and stretch you as a dancer!


– Taught By Jason and Danielle Knight

Advanced Lindy Hop

February 27th 2014

Thursday Night Swing is super excited to have Huy Huynh as our guest instructor for our first ever Advanced class on February 27th!

Huy started swing dancing nearly twelve years ago and is still loving it.  Huy learned his first Swing Out from Tim and Sarah Munsell while attending the Vanderbilt Swing Dance Club in Nashville, TN.  Huy taught in Nashville sporadically, filling in where he was needed.

After moving to Huntsville for graduate school, he quickly realized the need for regular weekly lessons.  Over the past six years, Huy has helped develop the Huntsville, AL scene by offering regular weekly swing dance lessons at the UAH University Fitness Center.  He has also taught at workshops in Atlanta, GA, Statesboro, GA, Knoxville, TN, Auburn, AL, and Poughkeepsie, NY, and was a regular staff instructor for Atlanta’s premier Swing Dance school; Down South Swing.

During his classes he is a stickler for technique and focuses on quality of movement over quantity of movement.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ADVANCED LEVEL CLASS.  DANCERS SHOULD BE EXTREMELY PROFICIENT IN ALL THEIR BASIC LINDY HOP MOVEMENTS AND PARTNERSHIP TECHNIQUES.  ADMITTANCE INTO CLASS WILL BE BY THE INSTRUCTORS APPROVAL ONLY.- Taught By Huy Huynh*Please be aware that all lessons at TNS are taught as a progressive series and will build from one week to the next.  The first class of every series will happen on the first Thursday of every month, and build from there each following Thursday of the month.   Regular weekly attendance for the entire series is highly recommended.

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